Elementary Elements

Hey there.

Yes, today was the first week of school.

Yeah, I know that isn’t exactly Annie Leibovitz material. Sorry. Daphne wasn’t exactly being cooperative with the sign.

Okay, now can you hold the sign up? Wait! Don’t get chalk on your jeans!

And I’m happy to say that she made it with a minimum of fuss, although there were indeed a few tears when I dropped her off. (Some were even hers.)

And after I drop Daphne off at school, I go directly to Momentum Rock Gym to work out, the membership to which was my birthday present. (From various sources, but the idea was Jen’s.)

This place.

Just between you and me, Internet? The BumbleDad has gotten more than a little beamy from being home all the time and generally eating terribly. So doing a bit of exercise/climbing has been a great way for me to start the day. And since I’m more than halfway to the gym when I leave Daph’s school, it works out pretty well.

After climbing I go back home, clean up (the carnage of a speedy breakfast is always rough) work on some proofreading/job hunting, and then it’s just about time to go get The Little Girl again.

One who seemed none the worse for wear when I picked her up after her first day…

This ‘Tom’s Diner‘ song is fire, Daddy!

Daph is still adjusting to the schedule though. I had She had gotten used to sleeping in until 8:30, and lounging around the house before a leisurely breakfast at around 10.

She comes home pretty tired in the afternoons, and has even started putting herself down for her nap.

No, I’ve no idea why the flash cards are in bed…

Yesterday we pushed it even further, and she had a swim class right after school.

She’s getting really good…

From there, she went to her grandparents’ place and played for the rest of the afternoon, sans nap. All of these things combined to make for a very tired little girl last night, and she was asleep a little after 9:00.

So the schedule slowly, methodically, gets whacked into some semblance of normalcy after the chaos of summer.

We’ll see if we can keep it up next week.

Until then!


p.s. These were from this morning and were too adorable not to share. Even the teachers on door duty pointed and clasped their hands to their hearts as she walked by.


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