El Chupacabra


So this was the post I was going to make last week before the Credit Card Incident MKII, took over my day.

See this?


Eight years ago an intrepid team of 5 brave morons souls decided it would be a fantastic idea to hurl themselves off this ramp and into the warm waters of Lady Bird Lake.  Oh, and they did so dressed in spandex & goat leggings, strapped to 200 lbs of PVC pipe and polyurethane foam.

chupacabrateamYep.  That’s them.

Wait… You mean you don’t know the legend of The Chupacabra Iditarod?



That’s right.  Somehow we’ve arrived at the 8-year anniversary of our Flugtag jump in Austin.



unmaskedIt was the hottest day of the year.  Black lycra was a poor choice.

Daphne, your father thought this was a great idea.  You, however, are not permitted to do this.  


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