Crawl and Catch Up

So we’ve been told that Daphne is a little behind in her development.

Apparently she should already be crawling, pulling herself up to a standing position, and possibly even “cruising,” which is a term that up until now meant driving down Westheimer with the windows down on a Friday night.  Turns out, here it means Mirror’s Edging your way along the living room, using the furniture for handholds.  The latter sounds much more entertaining.

She isn’t doing any of these.

So we’re trying a bit more floor time (Alex permitting), and putting things she wants like teethers, sippy cups, Pokemon, etc. a little ways away from her so she’s forced to figure out a way to propel herself to them.

She doesn’t like this one bit.

charcharnosegrap“Don’t take Char-Char.”

And she still isn’t really crawling much.  She will occasionally wriggle over to things, or employ an unorthodox method of locomotion:

1. Sit up
2. Flop over toward the desired object
3. Repeat

So it would seem we’re going to have to become more diligent in our demands for fully upright navigation.  Perhaps we need to up the ante in the rewards department.  I’m feeling using snacks and/or bottles as crawling lures might be warranted…but then again that might be a residual from Jib training.

I’ll keep you posted.


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