Busy Morning

Had a lot going on this morning, so I didn’t have a chance to prep today’s post.  Sorry about that.

So I figured I’d just put up an outtake of yesterday’s video, where Daph is hiccuping like mad while adorably gnawing on all of her fingers.

Cutest.  Hiccups.  Ever.

The plan from here is X-Wing at Goldmine after work, pending Jen is feeling up to soloing Daph this evening.  (She’s been a bit under the weather since yesterday.)  So we’ll see.

daphps4controllerSoon, the little one will be able to join me on these gaming sojourns while Mommy rests.

And finally, I needed a laugh this morning.  And this video showed up on my feed and delivered in spades.

I might’ve watched this on a loop for 5 minutes, giggling like an idiot the entire time.

Okay, see you tomorrow.


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