All Quiet on the Wombstern Front

There’s very little to report so far this week, which is a trend that I’m just fine with.

Both wife and baby seem to be doing fine, although Daphne is apparently practicing her Muay Thai on Jen’s stomach, which is causing Jen some gastric discomfort here and there.



Fortunately she’s on spring break, so they’ll both get some serious snooze time this week.

I, on the other hand, have been wrasslin’ with Babies-R-Us over a rocking chair that was purchased for us a few weeks ago but has yet to make its way to my house and still isn’t marked as “purchased” on our registry.  I was just informed via chat with a customer agent that, despite purchasing the item in a store and paying to have said item shipped to my house, I would still need a receipt to prove the chair is mine and to have it credited to my registry purchases.  Try to make sense of that one…
I’ve no doubt I’ll get it fixed.  It’s just bothersome that big box stores seem to require that their customers turn into complete assholes before they’re willing to assist them.

rocker“You’re making this extremely difficult for me.  I’m just trying to get this chair back to my house, so I can sit in it.”

In general, though, all seems to be well.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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  1. It seems that one is always having to fight about something these days…sigh.

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