A Reading From The Book of Sullen Cichlids

Daphne has a lot of books.

This is just the downstairs library.

And yes, we do read all of them.

Although exactly which ones make the cut depends entirely on Daphne’s mood.  Sometimes it’s a Giraffes Can’t Dance kinda day, sometimes nothing but Barnyard Dance will do, and other times we’re going to run Duck & Goose Find a Pumpkin on a loop.

But there’s one that, if she happens to find it in that massive pile, sends her scouring the house on a hunt for me.

Yes, the dreaded, Pout-Pout Fish.

And it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.  Working?  Reading?  Going to the bathroom?  Cooking breakfast?

Don’t care.  Multitask, Old Man.

And given that it is not within me to deny any child’s, let alone my own daughter’s, request to be read to.  I inevitably stop what I’m doing.  Pick her up.  And we sit down on the couch for a few readings.

And so it goes:

The video starts a few pages in, but you get the idea.

Yes, sometimes it’s inconvenient.  And sometimes our eggs get a little overdone.  But these are small prices to pay.

Because someday she’s not going to need (or want) me to read to her anymore.  And so I’ve got a Pout Pout quota to fill here, people.


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