About Me


Jeremiah spent the first half of his childhood on the docks of Wickford, R.I. and the latter half devising methods to escape Katy, TX, all of which have failed.

Jeremiah has been blogging since 2002, and was first published in 2005.

Jeremiah still doesn’t understand why people seem to enjoy reading the things he writes..

Jeremiah holds a Bachelor of Science in fashion. Yes, really.

Jeremiah went to school in Utah. Yes, really.

Jeremiah currently lives in the western wilds of Houston, in a little town called Fulshear.

Jeremiah has used the terms “monk nerf,” “quad camp,” “Chub Toad,” “hat idling” “dex check,” “circle strafe,” “TIE swarm” and “Torb spam” in sentences. He even knows what they mean.

Jeremiah doesn’t know what “meaty efreeti” means.

Jeremiah is currently married to a beautiful and amazing woman. Exactly how that happened is anyone’s guess.

And finally, Jeremiah became the father to a beautiful and brilliant little girl named, “Daphne” in April of 2015.  This website serves as the repository of our lives together so far.

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