So it’s been an Overwatch kind of week ’round these parts.  I’ve been playing the game for a few hours every night, with the same crew of folks, and it’s been a really good time.

It’s funny though.  We’ll start changing up our strategies and screwing around with new team compositions, right up until we get steamrolled by another team.  Then we’ll quickly switch back to our “main” characters and take the next fight very, very seriously.

I, for example, play Mercy almost exclusively if I’m being a tryhard.

Because no one ever plays healers…

And, if we happen to get roflstomped a few more times even when playing our “mains?”
Well then we all ragequit and stomp off to bed like cranky children.

mentioned this before, but I’m honestly not sure how much of it is Overwatch itself and how much is just playing with friends like we used to back in the golden olden days of gaming.  Back when we’d LAN some Q2DM1, Half-Life, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, or Action Quake for an entire weekend, with the only break being occasional runs to Black-Eyed Pea for some Tasty Chicken Tenderloins. (Or “TCT’s.”)

aq2gamplayYeah, we thought these graphics were amazing…  Behold the Voodoo2!

Those were good times.

And Overwatch has indeed scratched that itch where playing Diablo with the very same group of people just kinda…didn’t…for some reason.  Maybe it’s because we’re playing against other humans rather than co-op versus the computer AI.  So it feels like there’s more at stake?

Whatever the reason, it’s been fun.  And sadly it’s going to come to an end for a little while as they’re shutting down the beta for the holidays.  Which is probably not a bad idea.  I think we could all use the break.

All right, see you next week.



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