Up for Air

Hey there. Yeah, it’s been a while. I’m sorry.

I’ve been completely inundated with work stuff, and when I haven’t been there I’ve had 1,000 pages of proofreading to do in just 3 weeks time for my side hustle.

The end result of that has been zero time for much of anything.

Hopefully I’ll make it up to you with these pictures…

As I mentioned, we did go out to Seguin for the 4th of July (well, the weekend before the 4th) and a great time was had by all. That said, my time was mostly spent staring at a laptop screen and editing Lovecraftian fiction…but it was a nice place to get some work done anyway.

Daphne, despite having a meltdown right when we arrived, eventually warmed back up to being at the lake.


She went swimming for the first time…


I’m probably going to get in trouble for posting these pictures of Jen. But between you and me I’m playing the long game here. Someday, years from now, she’s going to look back on these and realize how right I was when I told her she’s beautiful…

Daphne also got some independent swim time with the assistance of Mr. Grumman the Duck here.

“My ball!”

“Hey, where are you going with that?”


“I’ll take that back, thankyouverymuch.”

“Okay, I’m outta here.”

And, of course, there was the requisite swinging quota that had to be filled…


Good time.

And Daphne was an absolute saint on the way home. She only slept for about 30 minutes of the drive. The other hour-and-a-half was spent softly singing to herself and looking out the windows of the car.

Thank you for that, little girl.

Okay, see you soon.


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