Turk 187!

Yes, that’s an 80’s movie joke, mixed liberally with a 90’s gangsta rap reference, and delicately sprinkled with holiday trimmings.

And I’m afraid it will have to stand on its own, because this…

is the only picture I got of the turkey this year.

And honestly, it wasn’t all that great this year anyway (it was a bit on the dry side), so it’s fine to let this one go by unrecorded.

That said, we did get a family picture this year, which is infinitely better than shots of a smoldering bird carcass.

Overall it was a good, if slightly low-key, event this year. However my baking game was decidedly off point. I tried twice and still couldn’t get my homemade dough to rise properly. So instead of light, fluffy dinner rolls, we got thick slabs o’ carbs. 
To be honest I still don’t know what the issue was, which is frustrating.

Still, it’s always nice to have family over. And Daphne seemed to have a great time too.

So who cares about the rolls.

Today saw us driving over to Enchanted Gardens to pick out our tree (a holiday tradition), which should be delivered to our house tomorrow morning.  I’ll have some pictures of that very soon.

Speaking of pictures, next weekend, weather permitting, is our annual Dickens on the Strand trip.

So there’s plenty going on. I’ll update you all again soon.

Until then, happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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    • Yeah? Well then I’m going with that as well.

      Speaking of which, that rosemary bread and soup you brought us after Daphne was born has become the stuff of legend…

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