The Vapors

So our evening’s sleep was interrupted at around midnight last night by a sudden and acute onset of tummy bloat.  Apparently that delectable Apple Cinnamon Granola cereal tried to stage a gaseous coup, and Daphne was very quick to alert us to such.

morninggassyI have a delicate constitution.

My first thought as I looked down at her was that she was teething, and I was just about to prep a Baby Tylenol shooter when she started wrapping her arms and legs around my hand and pulling me against her little stomach.  And as soon as I picked her up, out came a most impressive butt trumpeting.

“Ah ha!” I thought.  “That oughta do it  I’ll just rock her for a bit and she’ll go right back to a calm and gas-free sleep.”

Alas, this was not to be.

An hour passed and Daphne was still awake and howling.  Although Jen had taken over rocking her by this point while I opened the door for the dogs and readied myself for bed.

You know, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about my daughter so far it’s that she’s not shy at all about voicing her displeasure.  Take, for example, this video.  Here she is trying to convey that she is very much OVER laying there in the SnugaMonkey and that she would like me to pick her up…right now.

You can see the adorable frustration when it dawns on her that perhaps I am too stupid to realize what it is she wants.

And yes, I did pick her up after the video ended.


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