Settling In

I hate to start these things off on a negative note, but I just started using the brand new WordPress editor and I’ve gotta tell you…it’s not very good. And this coming from a guy who’s been blogging for almost 20 years.

There’s a TON of intimidating white space on this screen, and very little else.

Might have to find a plugin that makes it look like the old school version. We’ll see.


Hi there!

So things are pretty good over here. I have been ceaselessy amazed that values in a bank account can actually GO UP rather than steadily dwindle.

Although I’ll tell you all something, working from home is a very strange thing.

The daily routine is quite similar to that prior to being hired. I get Daphne up in the morning, make her breakfast, get her dressed, then drive her to school, all on the same general timeline. The big difference is, once I get home I have just enough time to clean up the Cheeriosplosion that is our breakfast table and pour a cup of coffee before I have to lock myself in the upstairs office until around 12:30.

Then, for my “lunch break,” I hurry downstairs to take a quick shower, microwave a lunch speedball of dubious salutary value, then tote a Topo Chico back up to my office…which is where I stay until about 6pm.

Which means the only time I actually leave the house is to drive Daphne to school in the morning. So by Thursday evening, I’m a little punchy from being trapped in the house all week.

The good thing about it is that it makes for some really speedy workweeks.

I’ve somehow been at the new gig for a little over a month now. And no, I’ve no idea how that happened either. (Time, you are a lead-footed grandma in a Plymouth Fury that’s late for bingo.)

Anyway, it’s going well, I think. At least on my end… Hopefully they’re still happy with me.

And for additional evidence of how fast time is moving, look how tall this little girl is getting:

This past Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day, so Daph and I went for a long walk around the ‘hood while Mom wrapped up some work she needed to get finished. Sadly, all the other pictures I took were blurry and/or generally not good enough for publication.

And it must be that I’m rusty, because it sure isn’t the fault of the subject matter. =]

The potty training also continues. And with very little in the way of success. Discussions with her teachers have given us the impression that it has become a control issue for Daphne. Given that she’s not necessarily in control of much else, where she goes to the bathroom is something that she can dictate. And for now, Little Miss Dictator here has decreed that potties are for suckers, and hosing down Pull-Ups is her jam.

Okay, I’ve got to get back to it.

Talk to you soon.


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