SeguiNYE ’16

Let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

We headed out to the Seguin grandparents’ place a few days after Christmas and stayed there through New Year’s.

Our first night was an utter hellstorm of infant shrieking.  Daphne hadn’t napped much at all that day and was both overtired and unnerved by the change in her routine.  She eventually wailed herself to sleep (as Jen held her), so I ended up crashing in the upstairs room to avoid waking either of them when I came to bed.

Toddler Storm Daphne had completely subsided by the following morning though…

Yes, I think I’m feeling much better now…

And she was all smiles, giggles and playing for the rest of the visit.

I’m also happy to report that 2016 left us calmly and without incident.  There was quiet time spent reading on the porch.

At one point there was a minor bout of shoe untying…

Some reflections on family…

I really like this picture.

Jib got a little sunbathing in…

Working on that George Hamilton look.

And that was pretty much it.  Exactly how we wanted it.  I’m looking forward to 2017 as prime years tend to be the best ones.  (Conversely, leap years are nearly always sucky.)

New Year’s Day saw us doing a whole lot of the same.  There was REPEATED identification of the various colors of ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Jib, what color is this one?

Whoa.  It’s no color at all.  Crazy.

We played with the enhanced selfie lens on my new iPhone.

Hey! Dad! What are you doing in there?

Then did a bit of swinging by the lake with Mom…


Took a boat ride while reading “Pout Pout Fish” for the millionth time.

And finally, Daphne played in the wind and flowers while I began packing us up for the trip home.

Happy 2017 everyone.


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