Oh Dubbya Day and a Thank You

Yes, normally this stuff is relegated to Freeplay Fridays, but I’m obviously very excited about getting back into the FPS swing of things tonight with the re-opening of the Overwatch beta.

I have to admit to there being quite a bit of F5ing on the news page already today, and about an hour ago they opened the forums back up to approved testers, so it’s all happening soon.



What can I say?  I geek out over these things…

As for Little D, she left early today with Grandma for Mother Goose at the local library.  Which means Jib and Alex were very unhappy after we finished our morning walk, because they were being left completely alone.

jibdontgolap“Please stay home with Jib.  We can play games and read stories here.”

You know, I have a hard enough time leaving these guys when it’s time to go to work; I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to leave Daphne at a daycare.

I say this because I heard an utter horror story from a co-worker about their daycare on Monday.
Apparently the staff there weren’t watching her kid at all, and would instead simply drop him into a Boppy and face him toward a wall for most of the day.
She arrived to pick him up early last week and found him awake but slumped over in the Boppy, and having some serious difficulty breathing. They rushed him to the ER where he stayed overnight, and he ended up home sick for the remainder of the week.
Worse, there is no other daycare accepting infants within 20 miles of her house, so she’s forced to continue to drop her kid off with these people until another spot opens up in a different (hopefully better), daycare this summer.

Terrifying stuff.

So, once again, I’d like to take a moment to send huge, colossal, towering, galactic thanks to the grandparents who watch our little girl on the regular.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We really couldn’t do this without you guys…


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