My [Quad Damage] Runneth Over


It’s finally happened.

I’ve gone years where I’ve devoted all my time to one particular game, learning the nuances, perfecting my timing, performing speed runs, finding easter eggs, roflstomping nubs, etc, etc.

But now, I officially have too many games to play.

I talked about the new Magic set last week, and that’s actually been more fun than originally anticipated.  I sucked horribly on my first tournament Friday night, winning only one game before I called it and dropped out.  Saturday morning I improved slightly and won a second round before getting trounced.  But I wrapped up the weekend by winning 2 sealed deck tournaments in a row that evening.  (Slab Hammer + Landfall is a very real thing if you can get it going, people.)  Good times.


I also downloaded the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, and fit that in where I could while it was available.  (It ended on Tuesday.)  Honestly, it was much better than I’d expected.  I think it’s the best first-person Star Wars games they’ve ever made.  (Although the bar was pretty low.)  It’s still the beta; we’ll see.



I downloaded the free demo for Destiny: The Taken King and played around with that as well.  Yes, somehow I have avoided playing Destiny for over a year.  I do like the premise, but I just never seemed to find the time/money for it.  Well, that and I despise playing shooters on a console.  I might be willing to make an exception for this game though, it was entertaining and I assume they’ve worked out the bugs/balance/lack of content thing by now.


The Overwatch beta is coming!  The Overwatch beta is coming!

The first round of invites go out on October 27th, and I wanna be one of the kids with a Golden Ticket.  (I’ve beta-tested every one of their games since World of Warcraft, so I’m hoping to be included again here as I’m excited about this one.)


I’m still trying to slog my way through Metal Gear Solid V, although it displeases me to say it’s still as bizarre and disjointed as when I started it.  And it’s a little irksome that Hideo Kojima makes me sit through mini-movie credits (where he splays his name on the screen as writer, director, producer, etc.) each time I finish a chapter in the damn story.
I get it Hideo.  You made the game.  We’re all very impressed.  Now let us get on with it.

Throw in Fallout IV next month and Daphne might be in junior high by the time I come up for air.

I get a dog too?  God in Heaven, yes…

Okay, see you Monday.


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