I’m really trying to wrap things up here so I can escape for the weekend…

As such, I’m afraid that a lengthy Friday post is going to be sacrificed at the altar of “Starting Said Weekend As Soon As Possible.”

I would, however, like to confess that I wouldn’t mind a few words with one Ms. Deborah Diesen.

She’s the author of “Pout Pout Fish” which, if my daughter’s response is any indication, is likely to appear on the FDA list of addictive substances within the next 18 months.

Just one small fix before breakfast, Dad.  

Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Honestly, I can’t even make breakfast without Daphne carrying the book over and holding it up like it’s a TRON identity disc and I’m the I/O Guardian.

Yes, now I just need to see the the picture in order to recite the rest of the page.

Which is obviously a challenge, but how can I possibly refuse a little girl who just wants someone to read to her?

Okay I’m off.  See you Monday!


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