t-55T-55 to D-Day

55 days to go!  And yes, I’m quite aware that I’m posting those numbers in multiples of 11.

Jen is still cruising through this whole thing like the bad ass that she is.  A slightly wobbly, often ravenous, adorably round, and occasionally emotional bad ass…but a bad ass nonetheless.  You know, my wife will occasionally comment on how she’s not very strong, or how she doesn’t deal with hardship well.  But she’s 8-months pregnant and she still gets up at 4:30 am to shape extraordinarily resistant young minds, then teaches classes at Pure Barre until the late evenings, and is an all-around fantastic person the rest of the time.  Babe, you’re a helluva lot stronger than you realize; I’m very proud of all you do.   <3

In other news, it appears the boat has sold.  I got a call from our closing agent yesterday informing me that they had received the funds from the buyer (apparently he didn’t even haggle on the price), and they’re working out the transfer of ownership contracts now.  This is bittersweet.
On the one hand, I’ll no longer be paying the monthly expense for a boat slip/insurance, and I just sold the boat itself for roughly $2,500 more than what I paid for it a year ago.  Not to mention the proceeds from the sale will completely eradicate our household’s credit card debt.  These things combined free up over $700-a-month, which isn’t quite half of the cost of daycare.
On the other hand, I just sold my boat.  *sigh*

Finally, the appointment for our next ultrasound is in about 4 hours.  So, if you would, please keep all three of us in your thoughts for the day.  We could most certainly use the good juju.  And later, pending all goes well, I’ll might have some decent pics to show you.


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