Huzzah Brezza!

It’s been over a year since the Baby Brezza came into our lives (17 months and 5 days to be exact), and I love this thing today every bit as much as on the day I brought it home.

brezzapod<3 <3 <3

Now Daphne obviously doesn’t have “bottles,” according to Hoyle, anymore, so the Brezza has made it through its days under fire and is currently basking in its part-time retirement.

I say “part-time” because Daph does still enjoy her nightly TODDLAH DRANK.

This stuff right here.

Although I’ve no doubt the folks at Similac will not be happy about this comparison, Go & Grow is like “Lean” for 1-year-olds.

A 40 4 oz. bottle of this stuff and the little girl goes out like Calvin Coolidge after a vodka-&-Vicodin picnic on the bank of the River Lethe.  (Sorry.  That’s an awful lot of obscure references for one little sentence…)

Jen and I have decided that we’re going to continue this nightly practice until either the Brezza gives out or Daphne turns two.

And the way things are going?  My money’s on the latter.

See you Monday.


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