Games and Servers

There was a lot of gaming packed into that weekend…

Friday after work I swung by my Friendly Local Gaming Store to pick up the Star Wars: Destiny box that I’d pre-ordered.  I actually hung out there for a little while to open the packs and say, “hi” to all my fellow nerds.

I’m pretty sure you don’t care, but this was a very good pull. (About $175 worth.)

Then I headed home and we called it a night.

Saturday morning Daphne slept in until almost 9 (!!!), so Jen and I got to lie in bed, talk over coffee, and generally act like a married couple for an hour or so.  Which was awesome and entirely overdue.

Once the little girl awoke, we played for a while before starting our day.

First we were up in the playroom for a bit…

“This room is getting too vivid for Jib to bear.”

Then Daph and I hit up some Baby First while Mom took a shower.  Well, Daph watched Baby First.  I watched her and smiled.  I bet you will too.

I might be a bit biased, but good Lord that’s a beautiful little girl…  Anyway, clearly this was an excellent episode of “Squeak.”

After Baby First, Daph and Jen took off to get her hair cut and I drove up to Spring to check out a new gaming store that opened last month.  Met some good people while hanging out there so it’s likely that I’ll be back up soon.  (Much sooner than later if I can’t get a SW: Destiny community started at my local store.)

Post-haircut veggie pasta.

Speaking of Goldmine, I drove over there and watched the Texans game on Saturday evening.  Sadly, we all knew what the outcome was going to be before the game even started, but the Texans made a game of it for 3 quarters so it was at least entertaining to watch.  (Someday they’ll have a quarterback that can throw something other than 5 yard passes.)

On BumbleDay Daphne and I went through almost every book in the sizable library that we keep on the back of the couch.  This process takes even longer than you’d think, because she often stops halfway through them and starts over.  After this Olympic-class storytime, we went upstairs to run some hallway laps and completely wreck her playroom.  Then it was naptime…for both of us.

During this nap I received an angry email from a client who was unable to connect to one of our servers.  (Who transfers files at 10:30 on a Sunday?)  This in turn caused an impromptu “FAMILY TRIP TO DAD’S OFFICE!” once Jen got home.  Fortunately, I keep a sock monkey on my desk for just such an occasion.

Pshh…  Have them check their firewall.  All looks good on this end.

Then it was a grocery trip, which sounds like no fun at all but was actually kind of awesome.  It’s the first one we’ve done together in 2017, which means everyone picked up the things they needed and we didn’t have to hassle with the Instacart people.


And now it’s Monday, so I’ve got to get back to it.

See you tomorrow.


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