Gaming the ‘Kend


So much to play, so little time.

First and foremost, Overwatch is having its final “stress test” beta this weekend.  Which means that some more of my friends might have been lucky enough to make it in, and we’ll all get to play.  And if they didn’t get invited, well, I was lucky enough to get flagged for the beta on a second account, so I can probably get them in for a bit anyway.  Which means more triumphant moments like this one:

[The point of this map is to hold that central circle until the timer at the top reaches 100% for your team.  If you watch it in this game, you’ll see why it earned the “epic comeback” moniker.]

Or, at the very least, there will be a fresh crop of noobs to lay beatings upon.

Also, there’s a small gathering at my local gaming shop on Saturday to mark the 30th birthday of the noble Space Marine.

30th-anniversary-spacemarines-horzI guess this is a thing?

Honestly I couldn’t care less about the damn Spess Muhreens, but if there’s going to be a crowd at the store then there’s a chance for some X-Wing, so I might try to drop in.

And finally, Shadows Over Innistrad releases on Magic Online this weekend.  I’m not too jazzed about this set as a whole, but I do love me some sealed tournaments, so I’ll hit up a few of those over the weekend if/when I find the time.

Okay, that’s it.  I’m out.

See you Monday.


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