Early Weekend

Heya.  Sorry about missing Friday’s post.

Rough week.

I actually left work early on Friday to look at a house in Bridgeland, so I skipped lunch.  As such, I didn’t have time to write anything.  Hopefully today’s deluxe XXL-sized post will make up for that.

Oh.  Yeah, we’re kicking around the idea of moving, but we’ve yet haven’t made any confident strides toward doing so yet.  And besides, looking at houses is always fun.

Jen had a Pure Barre meeting after the house showing on Friday, so I couldn’t do any posting from home as I was busy watching Daphne.

So she and I spent Friday night having pizza (well I ate pizza; she ate the bread/sauce with some pasta),

Can we talk about that pepperoni stuff?  Bleh.

and playing upstairs with her puzzles and Squigz.

Poor Jib…

Along with some time practicing counting with her VTech Puppy Carrier.


Making this entire evening slightly more challenging was having to clean up after Jib and Alex’s fecal firework sprays.  I have NO idea what they got into.  The only thing I can think of was the rawhide chews I gave them, but it’s hard to say for certain.

At one point I’d just cleaned up a crop circle of Alex’s diarrhea (he tends to waddle in a “poop loop”), when Daphne unleashed her own brand of intestinal hell into her Pamper.  While I was cleaning her up, she kept trying to grab handfuls of the stuff and would scream angrily at me when I’d push her hands away, all while Jib whined and scratched at the back door to be let out before he befouled the carpet as well.

Glamour, thy name is fatherhood.

Fortunately she went to bed without incident, and I had a few minutes to myself to crack open some Star Wars: Destiny packs that I’d picked up earlier in the week at Dragon’s Lair.

Note the post-poop clean up paper towel roll.

God help me, I do so love cracking open packs of these kinds of collectible card games.  Each one is a tiny surprise, with a chance to jackpot at $50 or so.  And afterward, I get to organize them all, which is immensely satisfying.  It feels like injecting a tincture of human order into an otherwise chaotic and entropic universe, and I think it’s my favorite part about collecting things.

Anyway Saturday I headed out for a Destiny tournament at Asgard Games, which was a good time.  I did abysmally (1-3 on the day) but, much like my day at the System Open, I’d never actually played my deck against someone else.  (I practice with myself at the dining room table, but that’s not quite the same thing.)  In truth, I’ve only played about 8 or 9 games of Destiny against other people.  But every game was close (unlike my day at the System Open), I learned quite a bit, and I got to enjoy a beer and talk for an hour or so with some new friends afterward.  Good time.

BumbleDay went as it normally does.  A big breakfast of scrambled eggs, strawberries and toast, followed by pajama playtime upstairs.

Then an hour nap, after which we were both very slow to wake up.





Which was about the time Jen got home from teaching her Pure Barre class.  I noticed that Daphne’s temperature had crept back up after her nap (up to 99.6), and so we battered it back down with some Motrin and she seems to be feeling just fine.

Despite the fact that Jen and I didn’t really get a whole lot of time together (we did lie on the couch together and watch the first half of a movie on Sunday night), it was a pretty good weekend.

And always over far too quickly.


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