Dragging Burro

I believe I left the space-time continuum sometime around 5am on Saturday and I have not, as of yet, returned.

This monkey, whom I rather presciently attached to my nameplate at work on Thursday night, looks exactly how I feel right now.



Extra Life was very successful.  So it’s totally worth it.

Thank you all very, very much for your help and your donations.  It’s a fantastic cause, and one that’s obviously very near to my heart.

So thank you.

I realize that a few of you tuned into my Facebook streams (again, I’m sorry about the spam on those.  There really needs to be an option to NOT alert people every single time I switch games and the stream “Goes Live!” again.)

Thanks for that too.

It’s a heckuva lot more fun to play games for an audience, so it was super gratifying to see the little “4” and “5” next to the eyeball icon, alerting me that I had visitors watching my ugly mug fail at video games.

I did, for as long as she’d tolerate it anyway, include Daphne in the stream.  And if you didn’t happen to be watching it during the 4 minutes that she was on camera, then let me save you the time/tedium in having to go searching for it.

She was an exceptionally well-behaved little girl throughout the day and, after we put her to bed, didn’t stir once.  Not even during the echoing gunfire/zombie screams of The Last of Us being played for most of the night downstairs.

Speaking of which, I’d completely forgotten about the opening to that game.  I, uh, yeah…  So, I can’t really watch that anymore.  (The bearded guy at the beginning of the video that I linked above is holding his little blonde daughter…)

Okay!  Lots to do!


Talk..to you…guys…tomorro-zzzzzzz


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