I actually got a “Dada!” when I got home yesterday, which I can unequivocally say is the greatest way to walk through the door after a long day at work.

Now, she only said it once… But just that one will keep me going for weeks.

Daph also received her second award for her book reading proclivities.

“I’m looking for the My Little Kafka section?”

She’s also making serious headway with her scribbling. Not long ago, if you handed her markers or crayons, she’d just gather them in a pile or pick them up and drop them over and over. Now she’s actually making marks on paper and on her whiteboard.

We’ve been told this is called, “playing appropriately.” But, as an aficionado of the inappropriate, I find that appellation to be rather…constrictive.

That said, if these new rules state that my daughter has to smile and yell “DADA!” every evening when I arrive home?

Well, I’m suddenly very much in favor of propriety.


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