Circadian Nae Nae

I’m reticent to speak of this, because I’m worried I’ll jinx it, but the time change has actually had the opposite effect of what I’d expected, vis-à-vis Daphne’s circadian rhythm.

I’d originally predicted that any sort of disruption in our evening procedures, or the addition of new environmental zeitgebers, would throw off the delicate balance of infant rest we had going.  (Seriously.  The nighttime regimen in our house makes Rainman’s look like a Greyhound bus schedule.)

And I was very wrong; Daphne has slept through the night all week.

Although I did think we were in trouble this morning when she awoke at 6:15 for a bottle, then made it very clear to me that she was not going back into her crib.  So I brought her downstairs and began our morning ritual of classic Sesame Street and a quick FaceTime with Grandma.  And it was actually Grandma who mentioned, near the end of the call, “you know, she’s rubbing her eyes like she’s tired…



Those grandmas are pretty smart.


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