Bumble’s Back!

Well hello there.  I missed you guys.

Hope everyone’s Christmas (or whatever holiday you choose to celebrate), was fantastic.  Ours was quite good, thanks for asking.  Although I must confess that I broke a promise that I made to you guys.

I swore that I’d take lots of pictures of Daphne’s gift opening, however as it turns out she’s not much for opening presents yet.  And so instead of snapping adorable photos of her, I was on the other side of the camera, unwrapping her gifts and thereby lowering the “adorable” rating of each photo by a not insignificant amount.

Let’s get started with the photos…

This was taken pre-Christmas.  I know this because it’s clearly still cold.
(It’s been in the high 70’s/low 80’s down here for weeks.)

Resting up on Xmas Eve before going to Grandma & Grandpa’s house.

Christmas morning 2016.

Yup.  A fat man in red has definitely been through here…

No, not him.


For anyone interested, these nautical blocks (and the “DAPHNE” ones above), came from Uncle Goose.  And they are awesome.

This pet carrier was an instant hit.

Although the little girl still loves nothing more than her books.

And yes, that includes tricycles.

Sadly, those are pretty much all I have of Christmas morning.  However my wife, who is not just a beautiful woman but a brilliant one as well, took some awesome follow-up pictures of Daphne actually playing with all the toys she received.

I can’t look at these beads without being compelled to line them all up neatly.

The magnet board.

I think we all stopped to play with these gears for a while on Xmas.

The aforementioned puppy crate.

Complete with puppy.

We’re still working on these puzzles.

Ah!  Beatrice has a new friend, Sophia.  (These came from Squishables.)

She also got a Cerberus Squishable (named “Herb”), but we have no photos of him as he’s guarding the exit to her playroom.

Merry Christmas, little girl.



Obviously I’ve been absent for a while, so I do have lots more to talk about (including our New Year’s trip to Seguin, the grown-ups’ Christmas gifts, a new car seat for the Juke, and what my time off of work was like), but those will be coming in the days ahead.

Glad to see you all,  and it’s good to be back.

See you tomorrow.


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