Radio silence, broken.

Hi there, everyone.  Sorry about the absence.

I’ve actually been on a mini-vacation.  From work.  From blogging.  From Houston.  From just about everything except hanging out with my wife, while she’s still on her summer break, and with my daughter, whose entire life is like a summer break.

First, most of you probably didn’t see Friday’s post because I uploaded it from the road and Facebook is problematic when switching between accounts.

Now, as I mentioned there, we road-tripped to Seguin last weekend for a little river time with Daphne.  And I know you’re all really just here for the pictures, so here they go:

First, there was some pool time which, as you’ll see, Daphne absolutely hated.

seguinpoolgiggle2Here she is being tortured by the sprinkling palm tree.

seguinpoolgiggle3Behold, the anguish.



Shortly after this video, where you can see her putting together the causative relationship between rapid movement and water displacement, she discovered that she could splash us.



seguinpoolgiggle1This is the face one makes when you first learn what, “SPLASH GRANDMA!” means.

Then, after sufficient finger prunage time, we toweled her off…



And moved her down to the swing…



Where she promptly fell asleep for about 2 hours, right there in the swing.

These pictures pretty much constitute the entire trip for us.  The weekend was spent in one of those three spots, and everyone seemed to have a good time.

JibseguinrelaxingJib too.

The drive home, however, was another story.  Daphne slept through the first hour of the trip, then awoke with a vengeance and proceeded to wail the rest of the way to our house.

This.  For an entire hour…

All in all, a fun trip.  And we even squeezed in a minor amount of relaxing.  That is, when we weren’t chasing a little girl around.


See you tomorrow.


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