Back From the Beach

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Hi there.  We’re back.

The bloggio silence these past two days was not because of work or general slacking, but due to being on a family vacation.  (So I guess slacking did have a little to do with it…)  I didn’t forewarn anyone here because I’d rather not make a broadcast to the Internet that my house was about to be empty for 4 days.


Anyway, on Friday night we packed everything we possibly could into the Juke, and headed down to Bolivar Peninsula.  In years past we’d routinely rent houses out here, but that was prior to Hurricane Ike.

And this would be why we stopped…

But, almost 9 years later, Bolivar is starting to make a comeback.  And new houses/developments are cropping up all along the waterfront.  For example, here’s the one that we stayed in this weekend.

“The Ritz.”

Our room was on the third floor, right there in the center, which had a pretty great view of the water.

However we were told to stay away from all that the brush that’s between us and the beach because, “there’s rattlers livin’ in them there dunes…”  (This is Texas, after all.)  And so we had to use the footbridge next door.

Sadly, the weather wasn’t very cooperative during our time there.  It poured as we were driving down on Friday, and the sun didn’t come out at all until Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, a cool front was the impetus for these clear skies, and so the high temperature on Monday was about 50°.
This makes perfect beach weather for me, but not so much for the rest of the fam.  Which is why Daphne and Jen are bundled up in these pictures, and why I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt.

“The water is this way, Mommy.”


As you can see, Daphne clearly hated being on the beach…

Because of the inclement weather, we spent most of the time playing in/around the house.


The passing cool front did bring out the sun on Monday though, which provided some really great lighting for the professional photographer who took pics of our extended family.

We haven’t gotten those back yet, so you’ll have to settle for my amateur ones for the time being.

Then, on Tuesday morning, Jib and I took one quick walk on the beach together before heading home.

I’m sure there will be plenty more pictures of this trip in the days ahead, but these should do for now.

Overall we had a really good long weekend.  There were lots of laughs, lots of games, and some fantastic family time.

As such, I can wholeheartedly recommend going back to Bolivar again.


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