All Hallow’s Étoile

Hi there.

So here’s the obligatory “Daphne’s First Halloween” post.

Interesting side note, she refused to nap for almost the entirety of the day on Saturday.  So what you have here is the cutest, albeit most exhausted, little ballerina ever to grace the stage.

tiredballerina tutusparkles

We did a very short walk around the block, and she smiled and giggled at all the other kids in their costumes.  (She particularly enjoyed the ones that lit up.)  Then I went inside to handle our nightly feeding/cleaning/pajama…ing and put her to bed, while her mom handled the distribution of candy.

This was clearly the best way to divide these duties, because I have a tendency to scare people even when it isn’t Halloween.  This became evident twice on Saturday.  Once when I answered a “trick or treat” knock at the door and a whole row of kids took three steps backward with frightened looks on their little faces.  (And no, I wasn’t wearing a costume.)  And again when a gaggle of teenage boys actively avoided requesting candy at my house, because I was standing in the driveway.

The Monster Man returns…

See you tomorrow.


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