The New Sitter

Meet GLaDOS, our new baby monitor: “Oh, it’s you.  It’s been a long time…“ This thing, while impressive in function, is slightly terrifying.  It has a normal and an infrared camera, remote-controlled full range of motion, sound/movement alerts… Read More

The Unparent

Hi there.  Happy Monday. So on Friday, Jen and I swung through Babies R Us to pick up a car seat base for her Mazda and a copy of The Baby Owner’s Manual for me. While we were… Read More


  So, does anyone else remember the Captain Power TV game? Derek got this for his birthday 27 years ago. (My God…)  I remember this because he called me “large human” for that entire summer. To play the game,… Read More


This has been an exceptionally quiet week and, between you and me, I’m trying not to be unnerved by that fact.  To say this feels like calm before a storm is an understatement. Baby Storm. That said, Jen is… Read More

22 to D-Day

T-22 to D-Day   The ultrasound went just fine yesterday.  Alas, the pictures are still riding around in Jen’s purse, so I don’t have any to upload here. Instead, I’d like to add yet another factoid to the… Read More

Beach Head

Hi, I don’t have a whole lot of time today I’m afraid, as we’ve yet another ultrasound appointment this afternoon.  So, in lieu of my oh-so-clever rambling, I thought I’d post a couple pictures of Jen’s handiwork in setting… Read More

Monster Man

This one isn’t exactly baby-related, but still relevant.  Did you know that I’m a terrifying beast of a man?  It’s true!  I know this because women are constantly terrified by my presence.  Examples of this are too numerous… Read More

And It Was Good

  Jeebus jokes aside, there’s not a whole lot to talk about over here.  Jen has the day off from both jobs, so she’s finally taking it easy at home. (I think, anyway.)  I’m still at work, but Fridays… Read More

Baby Cramming

As D-Day approaches, Jen and I have been spending more and more time with our noses in various books, absorbing as much information on infants as humanly possible before we’re confronted with one of our own. Jen has been following/researching… Read More

Panic for Profit

I, more than many, understand how mind-numbing the medical billing process can be.  That said, I feel like I’m in a position of slight competence where hospitals vs. insurance companies are concerned.  So I’ll give you a quick… Read More