Missed One

Hey. I know, there was no BumbleDad post last week; I’m sorry. There’s been an awful lot going on and it was one of the things that fell through the cracks. This week hasn’t exactly slowed in pace… Read More

Carving, Painting and Sanding

Woodworkin’ ain’t easy. I know enough about it to be aware of that fact, which is why I hired people to do it. Very unprofessional people. I won’t go into the litany of ridiculousness that has been our… Read More

Apply Yourself

Looking for a job is…unpleasant. I feel like all I’m doing is fielding a bunch of calls from some shady headhunters with even shadier “offers.” I created a job huntin’ Gmail account (and a Google Voice number) to… Read More

More Time

Hi there. So there is one fantastic thing about being sans employment. (Well, two if you count escaping the fear-fueled, soul-sucking mire that passes for a “company culture” at my former employer.) Being able to spend more time… Read More


Hey there. So after 6 weeks of job hunting, it became apparent that I need to do more than just sit on the couch with a laptop and grind away at sending out resumes all day. (Sure I’m… Read More

Under the Wire

I’m juuust going to get this post in before the weekend… Hi guys. Obviously my days have been filled with a lot of resume writing, job researching, house cleaning, business starting and Daphne watching, so there hasn’t been… Read More

BumbleUncle VR

Hi there. So we’ve been home for a bit now and I wish I could say things are settling down. But they really aren’t. I’ve already been back out to Seguin once for testing of that startup thing… Read More


Hey there! Late post this week. There’s been an awful lot to do. Sorry. So let’s go back to last weekend, which was our annual trip to PAX South in San Antonio. Yes, I know I didn’t mention… Read More

First Days

The holidays have ended. Jen is back to work, as are most of you. And I’m… I’m doing things. Things like getting our carpets cleaned, and the woodwork repaired, and turning down an offer for a dream job… Read More


Well, we made it. That was a helluva thing. I began this post by going into a brief overview of each challenge that the past year brought, but I’ve since deleted the whole thing and started over because,… Read More